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Logic Pro X Overview:


Logic Pro X Creating A New Project:


Logic Pro X Using Apple Loops:

Week 3 Lab

Lab: Importing Audio, Labeling and Mix Intro
Create a basic mix of the given audio files

This second Logic Lab is lots of fun! After importing audio, you are asked to create a mix of the given audio files with only volume and pan. No EQ, no automation, just back-to-basics!

Video Units to Watch First:
Logic Pro X Overview
Logic Importing Audio
Logic Reorder and Rename Tracks
Logic Colour Tracks
Logic Name Tracks and Regions

1. Launch Logic
2. Import the Drive Me Audio files
3. Reorder and Rename audio tracks and regions
4. Colour tracks and regions
5. Mix the audio using only volume and pan.
Ensure that your mix is balanced with all tracks heard.
Ensure that your Stereo Output is at 0dB (unity gain).

Logic Pro X Importing Audio:


Logic Pro X Reorder and Rename Tracks:


Logic Pro X Colour Tracks:


Logic Pro X Rename Tracks and Regions: