Audio and Music Production Level 1 – Package


The Audio and Music Production Level 1 course package includes all the video tutorials, lessons and course materials you need to get started in the Digital Audio and Music Production world.

This course gives you 3 years access (subject to terms and conditions).

Courses begins September 5th, 2016. Enrollment is currently open and limited to 50 students.

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In Audio and Music Production Level 1, you will be introduced to audio and MIDI in Pro Tools and Logic.

This is a complete course, equivalent to or exceeding a post-secondary level introductory course!

Topics include:

    Creating new projects
    Navigating using the transport
    Mixing techniques
    Signal path and routing
    Sound basics such as frequency, amplitude and the harmonic series
    Importing audio
    Audio editing
    Using effects such as EQ, reverb, delay and compression
    How to use the mixer
    Send effects
    Inserts effects
    Track automation
    Drum enhancements
    Beat detective and rhythmic audio editing
    Programming drums
    MIDI programming and Editing
    Using Virtual Instruments
    Digital Audio Theory
    Synthesizer programming
    Sampling and sample libraries
    Archiving and file management
    Professional practices
    Using the Mac OS like a pro


This is a comprehensive course! But it is designed for beginners and advanced users alike. There is no previous experience necessary. It is helpful to have some musical background, but it’s not necessary to complete the course.

Transform your productions.

Enrol now to bring your audio and music projects to the next level.

All content needed for the course is provided, including multi-track audio files.

Students require a Macintosh computer, professional headphones and either Pro Tools version 10 or higher or Logic Pro X (or both).


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